What We Do

UPBA was created to  align breeding goals to the national breeding policy.UPBA main goal therefore is to  encourage registration, administer member ships, promote pure and cross breed pigs, provision of breeding stock and germplasm, maintain important records and provide members with information, organizing various activities such as shows, may regulate breeding and raise funds for research related to the breed. UPBA was National Animal Genetic Resources Center and Data Bank in conjunction with International Livestock Research Institute and BOKU (Initially funded by Austrian Development Agency)

what UPBA Does

  • Providing quality assurance on genetic materials.
  • Improve marketability of pigs and pig products (breed basing on consumers preference)
  • Cross breeding to have improved pigs with high breed vigor.
  • Coordinate pig breeders and connect them to other pig farmers.
  • Have improved productivity hence improved incomes.
  • Providing a platform for Coordination between pig breeders and other stakeholders